[ON THE SPOT] “Break it down down”- Taeyang

What do we love about Taeyang? His soulful voice? Dope dancing skills? Down-to-earth personality? Fashion sense? Check, Check, Check, and CHECK!

Whether on stage or off-stage, Taeyang manages to pull-off the ‘effortless look’ that most girls and (possibly) boys adore. His style is always on the safe side—- nothing outrageous, nothing too risqué— which is perfect for everyday look.

Here are top 5 of my favourite looks that he sported in the past few years:

5. Military precision

Taeyang rocked military jackets while promoting his Solar album. The epaulettes, embelishments, and chain detailing on his jackets showed a more masculine and grown-up look.

4. Hip hop meets preppy

Everything that our boy wears have a hint of hip hop which matches his hairstyle quite well.

3. Biker boy

2. Boy-Next-Door/ Casual Friday

The only guy who looks good in tank tops and plain white or black t-shirts.

And our top favourite is……..







1. The Half-naked look

“If you got it, Flaunt it” 😉

HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY Dong Young Bae!

I’ll leave you with this:




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