[STYLE FILE] Fly High in Style, GD Guarantee

 It’s always vanity versus comfort when travelling by plane and not most of us can pull-off looking fresh-to-death when checking in/ arriving at the airport. KPOP celebs’ airport fashion is what grabs my attention the most as it can be a bit tricky to put-together an outfit that looks fashionable yet still feel comfortable.

GD’s one of the few male celebrities in SKR who manages to look good when travelling without looking overly dressed.

Here’s a compilation of GD’s airport style/ fashion/ outfit:

Layering: Most of us know that layering is the key to comfort and style. Most of the time GD sticks to the classics: plain t-shirts, hoodies, and jacket.

Keeping it Short: Ji stepped out of the usual jeans/ trousers and wore shorts instead. Not a big fan of the Galliano boxer shorts (Left) but hey! We get to see his legs… :3

5 Things that Completes His Look:

5. & 4. Scarf + Glasses

3. The Hat

2. The Designer Bags






1. A luggage full of SWAG.

Happy 23rd Kwon JiYong!

Image Source: Various Websites a.k.a. I-Can’t-Remember dot com (sorry)


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