T.O.P wore MSGM’s Shawl Collar Blazer, £649.00 @FarFetch.
Unfortunately, the blazer is currently out of stock.
Sign up to FarFetch so they can notify you once the item is available.

Image Source: FarFetch, TVDaily. kr

PS. HERRO Vietnamese, Filipino, Japanese, Canadian, Singaporean readers! ❤

EDIT: I WAS TROLLING. LOLJK. I MADE A MISTAKE. MIANHE YOROBUN!  My excuse? They looked the same ! *runs and hides*

Thanks to MELIA (hay gurl, hay!) who pointed out my mistakes that he was wearing a PIERRE BALMAIN tuxedo Jacket, £439.00 @Farfetch


5 thoughts on “[APPAREL] M Countdown: T.O.P BALMAIN

    • Oh brother .. I must be drunk when I posted this..
      I didn’t pay too much attention to it and just assumed it was MSGM .. woopsies ..
      THANK YOU!!

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